How can you lose weight quickly in a week by 7 kilograms at home

Excess weight is not a problem one day, but we all want to get rid of it quickly. What if it can be done in 7 days? Very interesting question.

water for weight loss per week for 7 kg

Drinking diet for a week

We will tell you about one of the most rigid diets. It is quite simple, and consists of a daily drinking regime. The main thing in such a diet is clean water. In addition, it is allowed to consume only liters of liquid food (fresh juices, low-fat dairy products, vegetable soups). By adhering to such a diet, you will feel a constant feeling of hunger. It is not balanced for the organism and is not useful.

Protein diet for weight loss in a week

The popularity of this diet is quite high. You do not need additional knowledge or a special menu. During the week you can use:

1 egg for breakfast; 100 g cooked poultry meat (skinless) for lunch; a glass of yogurt for dinner.

The disadvantage of such a diet are stool problems. And all because the diet lacks fiber. This diet cannot be used in people with kidney disease. The disease can get worse (due to the large amount of protein).

Kefir and buckwheat diet

To maximize the result of such a diet and to lose the expected 7 kilograms, you can try to eat only buckwheat porridge. We cook it without sugar and without salt, and we use it with kefir. The norm for the day is:

3 servings of buckwheat; unlimited amount of kefir.

In the first days after the end of such a diet, you should not switch to very fatty and heavy foods. It is necessary to gradually include a lot of fruits, fresh vegetables and dietary meat in the diet.

What else to consider

It should always be understood that any diet is associated with great stress for the body. Very sudden weight loss can be detrimental to health. It often happens that after the interruption of the diet, our organism compensates for all the losses. When deciding on a low calorie diet, consider all the facts. If possible, it is better to choose the right food. Reasonable physical activity, playing sports also contribute to losing extra pounds. But if you have already decided on such a diet (you want to lose weight quickly), then do not forget about vitamin complexes. Take them in parallel, they compensate (partially) for the lack of essential elements for your health.